Wayne State University

Banking Services

Banking Relationships

  • Opening and closing of all bank accounts in the name of the University.
  • Maintaining authorized signers for all bank accounts in the name of the University.
  • Compiling, issuing and evaluating all Requests for Proposal with regards to any and all banking services.
  • Serves as the first point of contact for any bank contact for the University.

Electronic Transfer of Funds

The Treasury Management Group has the following responsibilities with regards to funds movements between and among bank accounts maintained by the University:

  • Initiating all wire/ACH transfer of funds for general business purposes of the University.
  • Funding disbursement accounts for University obligations.
  • Moving depository funds for investment purposes of the University.

Merchant Card Services

  • Obtaining merchant accounts for new merchants using credit/debit card processing.
  • Insuring merchants are PCI DSS compliant when accepting payments by credit/debit card.

For additional information regarding the University policy for merchant card services and PCI DDS compliance:

WSU Administrative Policy and Procedures Manual - Appendix A

PCI DSS Compliance